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The Life of Our Oysters


Our oysters start out as microscopic free swimming larvae raised in large aquariums with mehanical and UV filtered sea water. While they are free swimming they are fed a concentrated algae until they develope a foot and are ready to settle down. At this stage they are transfered into down wellers. The water is forced down over the tiny oysters encouraging them to set onto clutch material at the bottom of the down weller. They are cleaned daily and eventually transferred into up-wellers. Like the name suggests the water flow is reversed and comes from bellow the oysters. At this point the oysters are set on a single piece of clutch allowing them to form the beautiful shell we are known for. Once the oysters are large enough we bring them to their new home at the M.I.O.R. family ranch where they develop their rich briny flavour.

Seed Oyster

Larval oyster 

Not too long after spawning. View from under the microscope. 

Size of seed we start with 


Brood stock oysters 

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