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The Island was known originally by the name Massacre Island. The name was coined by the French explorer Pierre Le Moyne, sieur d'Iberville, dubbing the island "Isle Du Massacre" after discovering piles of native american skeletal remains.


It  was originally inhabited by native americans who built MASSIVE mounds out of... you guessed it oysters! The European exploration of the Island began in 1519 when  Alonso Álvarez de Pineda of Spain landed and mapped its shores. Later, while the fur trade was booming, the island was a major trading post. The Island gets its name after "The Dauphin" the title given to the great grandson and heir of

King Louis the XVI


Legend has it, that during an impending raid by Jamaican pirates a preist hid a LARGE  jewel incrusted gold crucifix down a well  to prevent its capture. The cross was never recoved and to this day the location of the well is unknown.... Keep a look out for it if you feel extra lucky 

Today the Island is a small fishing community, summer retreat, and renowned birding location. 


Town of Dauphin Island Website


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