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Flavor Profile- Sturdy shell with plump pearly meat. Beautiful brine (mid 20's ppt) Earthy. Finish is sweet shrimp. Dense tofu texture and of course tastes like home.
Buffalo Oyster
Chedar cheese
Hot sauce
Place shucked oysters on the grill 
Add hot sauce to your liking 
Cover oysters with cheese 
Cook and enjoy!


To get the true total experience of our gourmet oysters, raw is the way to go. Close your eyes and taste thebold brine flavor. Hints of herbs and metalic come next and finishes with the true taste of the island life.


Garlic Butter Grilled

Keep it simple. Melt enough butter to cover the number of oysters desired. Mince a clove of garlic. Melt butter in a sauce pan and add the minced garlic. Place shucked oyster on grill. Cover with butter sauce. Enjoy!


Our oysters pair well with an ice cold light beer, dry sake, dry chapange, dry white wine, and gin with a lemon twist. These drinks compliment the brine flavor. Most importantly pair with great company and enjoy!


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